Albert Bello & Oriol Saña - EXPERIMENT (cover CD)

Experiment 1.0

Record Info

Experiment 1.0 is the first CD that Albert Bello and Oriol Saña have made together as a duo.

In making the recording, they wanted to capture the essence of their own particular style, so they recorded together simultaneously in the same studio, in order to preserve the magic of their live performances.  This, for them, was the key:  instead of seeking absolute technical perfection, they wanted to give priority to feeling, originality and expression.

For this CD they had the great good fortune to be helped out by some very distinguished and talented friends.


The line-up of the band had to be as close as possible to the original instrumental form of Manouche jazz bands, and in this respect Albert Bello and Oriol Saña have been able to count on two exceptional musicians, right from the start of the project.  Queralt Camps is a leading swing double-bass player in Catalonia, and has played with the Barcelona Jazz Orquestra, the Ignasi Terraza Trio, the Contreras Trio and many others.  Vivien García is a rhythm guitarist who has accompanied great Manouche musicians, such as Tchavolo Schmitt, Brady Winterstein, Sébastien Giniaux, Dominique Di Piazza and Gwen Cahue.


The CD was recorded in April 2014 at Montoliu de Segarra (Catalonia, Spain), in the studios of  David Casamitjana, which provided the perfect place for creativity, musicality and improvisation. The post-production was done at Bucbonera Records studios, where Tomás Robisco was in charge of editing, mixing and mastering.


THE PICTURE Pellicer designed the CD cover, based on a photograph by Laura Ruíz.



Temps Records, the well-known Catalan record label, published and distributed the CD.